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[IP] Log Books

Hi:  MiniMed sent me some log books that I like.  They are not too large - 
about 7" x 7-1/2".  The top of the page has Times, BG, CHO, Bolus, Basal, 
High BH, Ketones, Excer, Set Change.  The bottom part of the page has room 
for comments.  It holds a bit over a month's worth of information.  Works 
super for me.  

I meant to mention this before..I was in a pharmacy in an older part of 
Burbank, and guess what I spied in with their diabetic supplies?  Two vials 
of litmus paper!  One was red, the other blue.  There was also another little 
box that looked 'litmus related' that cost about $32.00.  I know someone was 
wondering if it was still being used, but I can't remember who it was.  

Take care all, Joanne Mc
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