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Re: [IP] Please Stop

>I disagree.  The original question had everything to do with insulin pumping,
>unfortunately it was turned into a criticism of ones parenting and not by
>just Kim and Tara.  Tara asked about the tubing and her baby pulling it out.
>I also sleep with two of my children and Monday started using the pump.  It
>hadn't occurred to me that there might be a problem until Tara brought it up.
>I for one was grateful for the few who answered with positive suggestions and
>that is where it should have ended.
>As for your unsubscribing I would like to know (directed to the moderator),
>does a topic have to be relative to everyone on the board to be acceptable
>here?  Does everyone have to agree for it to be considered worthy? I mean if
>it has something to do with diabetes and insulin pumping is it or is it not
>worthy of being posted on this board?  I have been here 3 weeks and already
>getting a bad taste in my mouth, if I can only ask questions that are
>acceptable to all of you without being criticized for my parenting styles or
>my opinions.  I am also beginning to feel like I am back in high school and I
>have to do everything you all do to be accepted. Very sad.  This should be a
>place for support and information.  Unless someone was directly doing
>something to cause death and disability which cosleeping does not do.  I am,
>as is my husband a health professional and required to report abuse and
>neglect and cosleeping is not reportable.
>Tara I was also wondering the same thing and I appreciate your question
>because I doubt I will ask anything of this group again, after what was done
>to you.
>dx 3/6/82  age 16
Kathleen, please reconsider. I appreciate your response as I did all the
other women who responded to my original letter and follow up letter to
Kim.  I just want to let you know that I got more positive and helpful
responses that were emailed to me privately and have given me such a
positive outlook regarding using the pump and having a new baby with me.
This list if full of so many intelligent and experienced people who have
responded to my many questions and have helped me tremendously.  No matter
what kind of responses I get, whether I agree or not, to me it is not worth
leaving the list or holding back questions.  I also want to thank all of
the women who have answered my question regarding tubing and cosleeping.

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IDDM 15 years, pregnant, due date Sept. 23/99

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