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[IP] Please Stop

Kim, Tara,

Could you please stop this thread?
It has nothing to do with diabetes, insulin pumping. 
You are exchanging personal views on one others' lifestyle, I do not believe
this is the intent of this group. 
If I'll see more of that or similar threads I'll unsubscribe  :-(


I disagree.  The original question had everything to do with insulin pumping, 
unfortunately it was turned into a criticism of ones parenting and not by 
just Kim and Tara.  Tara asked about the tubing and her baby pulling it out.  
I also sleep with two of my children and Monday started using the pump.  It 
hadn't occurred to me that there might be a problem until Tara brought it up. 
I for one was grateful for the few who answered with positive suggestions and 
that is where it should have ended.

As for your unsubscribing I would like to know (directed to the moderator), 
does a topic have to be relative to everyone on the board to be acceptable 
here?  Does everyone have to agree for it to be considered worthy? I mean if 
it has something to do with diabetes and insulin pumping is it or is it not 
worthy of being posted on this board?  I have been here 3 weeks and already 
getting a bad taste in my mouth, if I can only ask questions that are 
acceptable to all of you without being criticized for my parenting styles or 
my opinions.  I am also beginning to feel like I am back in high school and I 
have to do everything you all do to be accepted. Very sad.  This should be a 
place for support and information.  Unless someone was directly doing 
something to cause death and disability which cosleeping does not do.  I am, 
as is my husband a health professional and required to report abuse and 
neglect and cosleeping is not reportable.

Tara I was also wondering the same thing and I appreciate your question 
because I doubt I will ask anything of this group again, after what was done 
to you.

dx 3/6/82  age 16
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