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[IP] Confusing!!

It seems not matter what I do with my overnight basal dosages, when I get
up in the morning I have to bolus 1 unit to keep my sugars from jumping.
This morning upon waking (5:30am) I was 111, took .3 units, half hour later
bg was 90.  Had 5 carbs because I was about to do a 15 min cardio excersice
program.  After the workout I was 120, took 1 unit, jumped in the shower
and an hour later I was still 110.  It seems to keep going up, and I have
to wait at least 30 min. after bolusing breakfast dosage (8:00am) to eat or
it will shoot up to 187 by 9:30am.  Am I possibly having a reaction in the
early am hours? I checked last night at 1:00am and I was 95.  Should I
start checking at 3am and 4am to see if it's going lower?

Pumping since 04/09/99
IDDM 15 years, pregnant, due date Sept. 23/99

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