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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #84

On Tue, 20 Apr 1999, Susan Fisher wrote:

> I have a ton of questions, but I'll try to be concise...
> 1.  What does MDI stand for??? (I know this should be
> obvious, but... ?)

Multiple Daily Injections

> 3.  Infusion sites... I had someone tell me that if
> I press on it (it currently being a softset), and it
> hurts, then the tissue is not thick enough there and
> I am striking muscle.  Truth/Falacy?

> 4.  Sigh... on day six and having some difficulty 
> setting my basal.  I started at .6 and dropped
> incrementally down to .3.  .3 leaves me running
> in the 200-300s, .4 leaves me in the 50s.
> Should I run higher and bolus more at meals?
> Should I do an alternating bolus of .3 for two
> hours, .4 for two hours?  (since you have
> 12 to play with)
0.1 per hour for a couple of hour one way or the other shouldn't make 
that big a difference. Better to do careful fasting profiles on and off 
over a few weeks. Do them separately for 'that time of the month' as your 
basal requirements will be different for a week or so. See the FAQ on the 
web site about menstration

> What I am leaning towards doing is doing several
> 12 hr fasts and seeing if at specific times of the
> day I need less, or whether it is pretty stable
> in terms of dropping (.3)/rising(.4)....

Only skip one meal at a time. Try to skip a day before doing another to 
allow you body to get back in sync. 

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