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Re: [IP] Velosulin Pumpers, I need your help

I do very well on Velosulin. I also cannot take humulog because of allergic
reactions to the preservative in it.
I don't believe one insulin is for every person. As we say on here YMMV.
Just my opinion,

At 10:47 PM 4/20/99 , you wrote:
>email @ redacted wrote:
>> I am on a pump but I use humalog.  I have a good friend that started
>> a few months ago and she is using velosulin.  Her endo refuses to give her
>> humalog because it isn't FDA approved for pump use.  
>Too bad she has an idiot for an endo. I'd tell her to tell him that Humalog 
>fits the needs of pumps and pumpers precisely. The FDA approval is NOT
>as with ANY drug they have approved for use by humans. 
>I suppose he absolutely refuses to use aspirin to avoid heart problems? Some
>amaze me in their stupidity. The FDA has only so many people to oversee the
>and Eli Lilly apparently doesn't see the need to waste the time and money on
>most pumpers are using it anyway, such as nearly everybody here.
>She can't change endo's
>> because of her HMO.  
>Sounds like she needs to change her endo's MIND.
>She has been asking me if I knew anyone who has great bg
>> control while using velosulin in the pump.  
>There are several here, most noticeably Bob Burnett who is allergic to
>and had to give up using it a while back. It STILL is harder to control than
>with Humalog, and leaves her prey to the same problems non-pumpers tend to 
>have: need for snacks between meals to keep the "ail" of the R or V from 
>giving them a hypo before the next meal.
>>From my viewpoint Humalog is the best thing that's happened to pumps!
>If you could please write me with
>> how it is working for you then I will pass it on to her (maybe she could
>> e-mail you with a question or two).  She says her bg is consistently under
>> 200 and is within normal limits when she is fasting.  She doesn't have luck
>> with her bg after she eats a meal.
>Sounds like she needs to ask the endo how much he'd like to be sued for for 
>malpractice, since Humalog has been PROVEN successful, and the FDA can NOT
>rule out it's use, it only says it hasn't been tested.
>Ted Quick
>email @ redacted
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