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Re: [IP] question

In a message dated 4/19/99 8:13:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<<<<< This is just my opinion: the doctor doesn't know anything about pumps 
 does not want to appear ignorant. Therefore, he/she will find 10,000 
 excuses why you shouldn't get one. >>>>>>>>>>>>
Sorry this is so long, but I just had to get it out!

I had one such doctor....When I went to see her last fall, I asked her what 
the pump was and what did it involve.  ( I was taking 6 shots per day, 
170-180 units per day, and HbA1c of 14.8 with blood glucose averages of 300+ 
and was told to only test twice per day)...Her response was.."Oh YOU don't 
need that!  Don't worry about it!!   I changed Doctors.

On my 1st visit to my new doctor, the 1st thing she asked was "What do you 
think about the pump?"...Finally someone who would listen...Needless to say, 
I inserted my first infusion set 3 weeks later after getting 100% insurance 

Now, after being "pumped" for 7 weeks, I use 80 units per day and have an 
average blood glucose reading of 115.  It's amazing the difference in how I 
feel now!!!

When my CDE was training me in how to use the pump, she asked me who my 
PREVIOUS Doctor was...as it turns out, the CDE does ALL pump training in this 
area and she's yet to have this particular doctor recommend the pump for her 
patients.  She doesn't believe in the pump!!

I'm tempted to go back for a little visit and say..."SEE What the pump can do 
for your patients!!!!


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