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[IP] Re: logbooks and velosulin

> From: Leann Pruitt <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Know of any good all encompassing logbooks?
> I am trying to find a good logbook.  Currently I keep
> my sons tests in one logbook and have started keeping
> track of carbo intake in just a little fat notebook.
> Keeping things in two places is starting to drive me
> crazy.

After more than a decade of keeping obsessive records, I have given up the habit!  Now
I just let my CDE download them all 4 times a year and write them down only if I need
to establish a pattern.  However, I do understand the need to record them, especially
for a child.

I searched high and low for a logbook that fit my needs.  The best one I found was
from Unique Accessories (private company that sells pump-related products).  It has
space for recording up to 12 bg's per day, easily.  Also has space for notes and for
graphing blood sugars, which I thought was pretty neat.  I think they cost about $19
and last for 6 months.  I thought it was well worth the price to finally have the
space to write everything down.


> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Velosulin Pumpers, I need your help
> She has been asking me if I knew anyone who has great bg
> control while using velosulin in the pump.

Cindy-I've pumped Velosulin since 1995 and would be glad to talk to you or to your
friend.  E-mail me off list.  Jen

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