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Re: [IP] Info on new pumps

In a message dated 99-04-19 22:46:09 EDT, you write:

<<  drool with envy when I read posts about how
 easy it is to manage pizza with square waves/dual waves (which we don't
 have).   >>

There are several responses for this issue in the archives. I asked a 
question about this a few months ago (maybe it was weeks...time flies), and I 
received several responses from members using the D pump. There is a way to 
successfully enjoy pizza with a D pump. Temporary basal increase for several 
hours, split the bous up in 3 to 4 parts and give one part each hour. Most of 
this has been worked out through trial and error, and one method works better 
than another for each individual. Try browsing the archives for a thread on 
Barbara B.
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