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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #84

I have a ton of questions, but I'll try to be concise...

1.  What does MDI stand for??? (I know this should be
obvious, but... ?)

2.  Humalog - many seem to be having problems with it.
Could you elaborate on what specifically happens if
you happen to someone who has difficulty with it?

3.  Infusion sites... I had someone tell me that if
I press on it (it currently being a softset), and it
hurts, then the tissue is not thick enough there and
I am striking muscle.  Truth/Falacy?

4.  Sigh... on day six and having some difficulty 
setting my basal.  I started at .6 and dropped
incrementally down to .3.  .3 leaves me running
in the 200-300s, .4 leaves me in the 50s.
Should I run higher and bolus more at meals?
Should I do an alternating bolus of .3 for two
hours, .4 for two hours?  (since you have
12 to play with)

What I am leaning towards doing is doing several
12 hr fasts and seeing if at specific times of the
day I need less, or whether it is pretty stable
in terms of dropping (.3)/rising(.4)....
But regardless, from lunch to dinner, one is 
too high, one to low...

5.  What are your favorite pump accessories if
you use any and why? (ie. waist it, clip and go,
all from the same company I believe).

Sorry - I am new at this!
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