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Re: [IP] Re: gluscose testing and bolusing in the hospital

    Great idea BUT....probably won't work.  A few months after our then 13 yr 
old daughter began pumping, we thought she was going into DKA. Took her to 
the local hospital's ER, along with her own meter. They insisted on using 
their own equipment, even though we were the ones instructing the staff about 
everything, since no one had ever heard of a child on an insulin pump ( 
nurses thought it was surgically impanted in her!). I jokingly said we should 
have billed THEM! Not so funny....when the final bill came ($1100 for doing 
nothing really other than hydrating her since she wasn't in DKA) there was a 
$50 charge for the use of the glucose meter!!!! My husband actually did tell 
the insurance company, not that it did any good!!!
   As for surgery & monitoring & NPO orders, we had a comparable experience 
to yours when Melissa underwent a kidney biopsy in November 1997. Her ped. 
nephorologist was comfortable enough to allow us to "call the shots" (bad 
pun) regarding her bgs, boluses, etc. She stayed pretty much in range all day 
(went home that night after the anaesthesia wore off) & the next week, the 
head of endo at the hospital called our pump trainer expressing interest in 
hearing more about pump therapy!!!!!....
    Bottom line- it behooves all of us to stop expecting the uninitiated to 
WANT to learn about pump therapy & instead to "run with the ball" & 
prostelytize wherever & whenever we can!!!

Regards, Renee
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