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Last week, I was in McCarran airport in Las Vegas where I used the men's =
restroom. Beside the towel dispenser was a "sharps" container for =
disposing of syringes. The container gave instructions and showed a =
diagramn of the proper disposal of a syringe.
    I was amazed. Have persons with diabetes become such a vocal =
minority in Nevada that every restroom has a place for discarding used =
needles? Is the heroin problem out of control in Vegas? When did this =
airport begin doing this, and do all airports now have sharps =
containers? I haven't seen these anywhere else, except for the doctor's =
office, of course.
    After years of looking for places and ways to discard syringes in =
public, there is now a proper place--and wouldn't you know it, I am now =
on the pump.

I live here in Vegas and had no idea we had sharp containers in McCarran.  I 
will ask my diabetes educator and my endo one of them should know.  We 
actually just got the a diabetes support group going here.  So I don't know 
how vocal we are here.

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