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Re: [IP] Re: Questions, Before getting thepump!

>I've read many of the comments that your afraid of a low at nignt -which
>had. But in most of these cases your low was 30 or so?   Please Tell me this 
>doesn't have any thing to do with the pump, is it because you've been Dm for 
>awhile (which I may face down the road).  


OK, I'll tell you :-)  I've been pumping for over 2 years.  Before I began
pumping, I would regularly have nighttime hypos -- about one a month.  The
kind where I would wake up in a total body sweat, writhing in the bed.
Since I've been pumping, I've only had one very mild (bg in the 60's)
nighttime hypo.  I attribute this to the absence of NPH insulin in my
system along with better overall control because of carb counting.  I
always eat a bedtime snack (because I like them, not because I have to!)
and I can rely on my bolus to be correct.  (OK, I almost always eat one of
two things, so I have it down pat.)

One of the things people who don't advocate pumping tend to say, as a
reason not to pump, is that there is such an increased danger of hypos with
the pump.  I just haven't found it to be true.  Sure, I still have hypos,
when I miscalculate my bolus, or have unforeseen exercise, but these things
would have been problems with MDI, also.  They aren't related to pumping
per se.

Mary Jean
IDDM 9 years, pumping 2

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