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[IP] Re: gluscose testing and bolusing in the hospital

Couple of brief comments here.  Had a recent outpatient surgery& I noted on 
the bill that One Touch fingerstick glucoses ran $22 each.  Guess I should 
quit complaining of the costs of glucose strips...we all must be getting a 
bargain :-)   Next time I'm taking my own meter and strips.

Second, since I've had a couple of minor surgeries while on the pump, I love 
the fact that I can go NPO (nothing by mouth) after midnight and not get hypo 
by surgery time The anesthesiologists seem to be happy if you target things 
around 140 or so.  (They get nervous with diabetics with normal glucoses and 
like to bolus you up with glucose..seizures in surgery aren't popular with 

Third, since no one is usually around in the recovery room after surgery that 
is familiar with pumps, usually someone does a glucose on me and then holds 
the pump in front of my very groggy eyes and tells me what the glucose was 
and asks me to bolus if it's high..."the doctor said you could take care of 
this"  Works fine for me.  Usually things stay pretty smooth though.

Happy pumping.   Linda
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