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[IP] A Moment of Pump Foolishness


  I really do LOVE my MiniMed pump!  I have named my pump "Earnest" 
because it makes the same clicking noise as Ernest R. Worrell's
dentures used to make as he talked.  (Mr. Worrell  was a retired school
superintendant, now deceased.)  Although the noise is the same, Mr.
Worrell clicked much faster than my pump.  Especially when he was
excited about the topic he was discussing.

  Earnest as defined by "Websters" is a serious and intent mental
state....and that's how I approached pump therapy. So all in all, it
just seemed that Earnest would be a natural name for my bright blue

  Earnest and I are just the best of friends, he is my constant
companion.  We enjoy shopping together, especially for new baby socks
for Earnest.  He is always looking for appropriate apparel and will not
consider wearing those white baby socks with lace cuffs!   He's not
very comfortable in the regular case either....leather is just not his
style, makes him think of bikers and tough guys....he's more of a
tailored fellow!  

He enjoys the attention he gets as he tries on new outfits in the
store.  It's a great opportunity to give little "Pumping" seminars.  Of
course, since we are in the children's department we are careful not to
do this in front of children. Their parents might not want them
educated just yet! 

Is there a point to my little story?  Not really, you can just consider
this an example of one method of developing a fun relationship with
your pump as it goes about its serious work.

Best regards from Janet Marie who loves her MiniMed Pump.

p.s.  Does anyone know where we can find a nice double breasted,
pin-stripe baby sock for those more formal occasions?  So far, we're
making do with a navy blue cuffed sock from "Old Navy"

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