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[IP] Dr. Joe's Newsletter - Kids & Hypoglycemia

I hope I'm not breaking the rules by posting Dr. Joe's latest
newsletter to the list, but I thought this might be of interest to the
parents of diabetic children and those who may not be aware of Dr. Joe,
the Diabetic Doctor and his great little e-mail newsletter.  

This is a very nice newsletter....there is only one brief message every
day with references for anyone interested in further info on the topic.
 I've included the website addy at the bottom. I was most impressed by
the last sentance...."Adult targets for control are not appropriate for
the young and MUST BE INDIVIDUALIZED."  I think that is good advice for
all of us with Diabetes.....treatment MUST BE INDIVIDUALIZED.  What
works well for me will not necessarily work for anyone else.

Best regards from Janet Marie who loves her MiniMed Pump!
A Newsletter from Dr. Joe, Diabetes Doctor
Mayo Clinic Proceedings, March 1999, vol 74, #3 had a lead article on
risks of hypoglycemia (Pg 211) and a good Editorial (Pg 309)
commenting. Nine pages addressing control problems under age 9.  It was
concerned with the following problems.
1. Very young children seem to be at a greater risk than adults of
thought impairment after hypoglycemia.
2. high glucose doesn't seem to cause as many complication until
3. Major studies did not study any children under age 13.They learned
that...                             1.  The younger the child, the more
rapid the onset of diabetes.
2.  The younger the child, the more hypoglycemic episodes.
3.  The tight control did not seem to favor function of insulin fromthe
child's pancreas.

Therefore they suggested to avoid hypoglycemia in the very young. 
Adult targets for control are not appropriate for the young and must 
be individualized.         
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