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Re: [IP] site duration -vs- immune system

>I have a question site duration..........I am curious as to WHY some
people can leave an 
>infusion set in longer than others.
>extended length of time. He further elaborated that those who can leave
infusion sets in for 
>longer periods of time may not as strong of an immune system. Has anyone
else heard this 
>and/or does this make sense????

Sherri -

You touch on an area that interests me greatly. I have to change every 2
days now. I used to get 3, 4 or 5 days without any trouble. But now my skin
says no thank you much sooner. Why that should be I can only speculate. The
immune system may play some role. Or it may be an allergic reaction. Or
perhaps this is all part of the body's complex systems for deciding what's
me and what's not me... But if I go for too long now, the wound leaves a
scar when it heals. It may be that the skin starts to heal around the
cannula while it's still in place.

I've also found stress plays a big role. When I'm under pressure, or
fighting off a bug, sets don't last so long. And I get more No Delivery
alarms in these periods as well. It comes and goes in phases. And there may
be a white waxy substance on the tip of the cannula. This may well be the
immune system trying to physically isolate this foreign body embedded in it.

Incidentally, after my post last month, I tried various different infusion
sets. The Rapids were a disaster! Very uncomfortable for me. I had no
improvement on the H/R mix. I didn't try straight Velosulin, but decided
Tenders and Humalog with a 2 day change was a satisfactory compromise.

Best wishes to all


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