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[IP]Pumping Insulin

In the Pumpin Insulin book, it says to treat an insulin reaction,
take 15-20grams of quick-acting carbohydrates and wait 30 minutes.
It later states that if reactions require more then 15 grams of
glucose to raise the blood sugar to normal, you are probably taking
too much insulin.

Here's the question:  I had a blood sugar of 52 today. I took 25grams
of quick acting carbo and waited...at 30 minutes I was 118. At 1hr. I
was 110, and at 2 hours I was 96.  This to me would be considered back
to normal.  Does this mean I could be taking too much insulin because 
I needed 25 grams, or is this another YMMV situation?

Thanks.  Sherry Webb Nolan
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