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[IP] Velosulin Pumpers, I need your help


I am on a pump but I use humalog.  I have a good friend that started pumping 
a few months ago and she is using velosulin.  Her endo refuses to give her 
humalog because it isn't FDA approved for pump use.  She can't change endo's 
because of her HMO.  She has been asking me if I knew anyone who has great bg 
control while using velosulin in the pump.  If you could please write me with 
how it is working for you then I will pass it on to her (maybe she could even 
e-mail you with a question or two).  She says her bg is consistently under 
200 and is within normal limits when she is fasting.  She doesn't have luck 
with her bg after she eats a meal.

Thank you for any help you could pass along.

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