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Re: [IP] Re: Questions, Before getting thepump!

In a message dated 04/20/1999 10:10:25 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I'm learing lots and I haven't heard any of you say you don't like the 
 no one wanting to go back to the old ways!       >>

Keep in mind Rosie, that the mere topic of this group almost guarantees that 
people like their pump.  (Me included).  If you want another view you will 
probably have to look elsewhere.  I do know of several people who have tried 
the pump and have gone back to shots.

 << But in most of these cases your low was 30 or so?   Please Tell me this 
doesn't have any thing to do with the pump, is it because you've been Dm for 
awhile >>

The pump per se doesn't effect the lose of early warning signs, it is the 
tight control that pumpers usually follow that may be the culprit.  There 
have been all sorts of studies, and most doctors will agree, that repeated 
hypos will cause you to lose the early warning symptoms of a hypo.  Duration 
of iddm may also be involved here as autonomic neuropathy has also been 
blamed for the loss of symptoms, as has synthetic insulin.  In most cases, 
you can do something to regain these.

You should tell your doc about not having symptoms until you are in the 30's. 
 This may be the deciding factor to get a pump.  People do not have to be in 
tight control to have a pump be beneficial to them. (my definition of tight 
is an a1c less than 7).  But, with a pump, you decide what sort of control 
you want to have.

Example... I normally keep my bgs in the 100-140 range.  Last year I had a 
reason to want my bgs closer to non-diabetic so was able, with the push of a 
few buttons (and a little trial and error) get my bgs to stay in a range of 
60-90.   Total control!!


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