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[IP] Absorbtion problems/Set Changes

I've been pumping for almost 4 weeks know and have a couple of questions
in regards to Absorbtion problems and the frequency of set changes. . .

1) Has anyone had difficulty with absorbtion problems that are isolated
to just one side of the body?  It seems like every time I change the
site to the left side of my body, the first two days go off without a
hitch, then about half way through my third day I start to run into
problems. When my infusion site is on the right, everything goes off
just fine. Also, the last couple of times using my left side, I've found
that I've developed hematomas, but this hasn't happened using the right.

2) My sales rep from MM and my CDE have suggested changing my site every
two days, and so far so good, but, I've only been using the right side.
If everything works fine the next week or so, then they are going to
have me try it on my left side again to see if it truely is an
absorbtion problem on the left.

In the last four weeks, this is the only real probelm I've had and I
have gotten a little frustrated. My sales rep did tell me that if I was
unhappy that we could work something out and try to return it. My first
reaction was "You can try, but its not going to happen!" I love my pump
and wouldn't dream of giving up so easy.

If any of you have any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them, I
just ask that you email me directly as opposed to posting the responces
to the mailing list.

Thanks in advance,
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