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Re: [IP] Re: Questions, Before getting thepump!

Ok here's more questions, comments-  glad to hear yours. 

 I'm learing lots and I haven't heard any of you say you don't like the pump- 
no one wanting to go back to the old ways!      

I've read many of the comments that your afraid of a low at nignt -which I've 
had. But in most of these cases your low was 30 or so?   Please Tell me this 
doesn't have any thing to do with the pump, is it because you've been Dm for 
awhile (which I may face down the road).  I wake up feeling funny - maybe an 
alert feeling then shaky try to take a deep breath & grab a bite of what I 
have beside the bed. - Does this get worse?  Are you low at 30 (mine at 54 or 
so) because your in overall better control .

Also someone that I spoke with in regards to getting the pump, wasn't sure I 
needed it.( A nurse in a local hosp. who wears a pump)  When I told her my 
Hg1ac was 9- and the more I spoke with her she thought It might be a good 
idea.  she also made the comment she'd rather take several shots than  insert 
the pump needle .  But her  her last comment was she loves her pump & would 
never want to go with out it!  I'll be talking to her again.   When I first 
became Dm my #'s were better,she worked in the Dr.s office back then & I 
talked with her then offen-  That may have been her reasoning.
It's hard to be perfect- eat 60 carbs breakfast at 7:30
Eat right at noon so no lows!

Then the hardest don't eat to much before supper _ those nibbles get me every 
time!  If I could get my self to do this perfectly  my hglac would be more in 
the right range!               Also I've been taking vitamins- I belive 
they've really helped me I don't need the nph at night any more!       Do 
they help any one else?
Sorry, Im not good at keeping it short!                                       
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