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[IP] what to eat...

Brian wrote:

> It is annoying...[SNIP]  to explain the idea of CARB counting and
> saying like a mars bar is = to about 2 slices of bread.. and its not 
> really the sugar in the food that gives me a hard time it is the fat 
> and the stuuf that slow the digestion and keeps the sugars higher.

i had a doctor ask me what i ate for breakfast one time - and this was back 
in them old fashion days of the EXCHANGE DIET (some of you younguns prob'ly 
never even heard of that one <vbg>.  I told him 12 vanilla wafers, a popsicle 
and ice cream.  His eyes bulged out of his head and he started screaming at 
me!!!  I pulled out the ADA book and showed him where six vanilla wafers = 1 
bread and I think 1/2 fat (and I had two breads and 1 fat for breakfast), the 
popsicle was one of those FROZE FRUIT (tm?) bars that were equal to one fruit 
exchange, and the ice crean was this home made stuff from that old Jeanne 
Jones cookbook, and all it counted as was milk exchange and fruit exchange 
for the strawberries!  I was eating exactly what my dietician told me I could 
eat and he STILL had a conniption fit.

I was 12

old habits die hard, but at least now i can pump up and KNOW i am taking the 
right amount of insulin for what I am eating, instead of eating what "they" 
tell me and taking the insulin "they" tell me and HOPE it works

Sara who ain't 12 anymore and still ikes to have vanilla wafers, ice cream 
and popsicles for breakfast
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