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Re: [IP] yo quiero people who don't get it

Jen Woodall wrote:

> Just a word of caution here:  if this poem makes any kind of sense to you, you
> should immediately get yourself to a fast-acting carbohydrate!  I was well 
> under 60 when it fell out of my brain.

YES, it made sense to me!!!!  But I have to quote you one of my
high-school compositions and you'll see why:

"I am lying on the ground
With drippy drops of nothing on my nose
And green and green and green and green
And green all over under me, asunder me, I'm torn.

"Oh Lord, it's groan, another day, another day, another day,
Oh Lord, it's groan another day, I have to go to school.

"Up and down and up and down and bob the orb of bilious gases,
Day it passes, night it passes, day it passes,
 I don't care, rend the air with shrieks and fury's bells, swells,
Dwells, fells, the smallest being sooner will be there."

Do we both have unrecognized careers as absurdist poets or something????


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