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Re: [IP] Re: MDI

> Sam Skopp wrote:
> > Not new to us, of course... but the way some medical professionals talk,
> > you'd think that it had just been invented and was totally untried.
> > Traditional MDI has been around for what, 60 or 70 years?? So, to the
> > MDI traditionalists, pumping is still pretty new tech.
> MDI has only been used widely since the '70s, Sam, and to a much lesser
> extent, as in 2 shots a day, since the '60s. Hmmm, why did that first
> frame of reference sound familiar??? Oh yeah, the first pumps were sold
> sometime like 1978.

Yes, but when did long term insulins (NPH, Lente, Ultralente) first 
come out. Weren't the diabetics in the 20's and early 1930's the 
first MDIers using just Regular?

Geo. Lovelace

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