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Re: [IP] Doing insulin doses in the hospital

At 10:47 PM -0400 4/19/99, John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:
>Jenna was recently hospitalized (briefly, fortunately), and I told her
>doctor that I couldn't tell him how to write orders for the pump, just write
>that I could give her whatever doses I thought necessary.  He wasn't too
>pleased at first, but since he didn't know what else to do, that's exactly
>what he wrote.  Worked out fine, I just told the nurses what I'd bolused so
>that they had something to write down to make it look official.  Also
>checked all her sugars on her own glucometer, told the nurses what they
>were, and they wrote them down on her MAR (the medical record thingee).
>Assertiveness paid off....

Hi Nancy,

And it often takes a lot of assertiveness. When I was pregnant and in the
hospital, my ob. gave strict instructions that I was to manage my diabetes,
testing myself and administering my own injections (this was pre-pump).

Well, some of the nurses had a really hard time with this concept. One day,
I tested for lunch, gave my lunch injection, and rang the nurse to give her
the particulars. I told her what my bg was and how much insulin I'd given.
At this last piece of info, she gasped so loud you could hear it through
the intercom. You would have thought I'd just told her I'd walked a high
wire between hospital buildings.

I don't know *what* some of these kinds of people think we do when we're
not in the hospital. Don't they realize we have to deal with DM every hour
of every day and so we have to do it ourselves? It's an example of how
slowly attitudes about DM (and medicine in general) change.

My doctor, who has Type I DM (40+ years), has always counselled guerilla DM
care in the hospital: Bring your own insulin, delivery paraphernalia, and
testing supplies. :-) I'm glad Jenna's stay was short and uneventful!


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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