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Re: [IP] scared to sleep, and living alone


I know that you feel dumb, but we all screw up sometimes... don't beat
yourself up about it... as far as the high bg's it might be the tail end of
the IV that you got... give it today and I bet you'll be fine... just be
careful about the bolus to break a high... 

I live alone too and know your fear of sleeping all too well... that's one
of the many reasons for my pump... for this reason, I run a little higher
at night with a reduced basal and fix it in the morning... what I do and I
know I don't need it all the time is this for example... last night when I
went to bed, I tested at 90... for my own comfort level that's way too
low... ate, bolused for the snack 1 point less per gram (bolus during the
day is 1:14 in the morning, 1:15 for other meals and grazing and 1:16 if I
want/need a bedtime snack)... got up this morning at 115... don't have dawn
phenomena but early morning phenomena, I go up around 8am so I go from a
.03 basal which is constant for 24 hours, except for a basal of .07 from
6:30-7:30 am... you can set your pump to fit your fears and lifestyle...

if you want to talk about this, email me off list...

Ellen B-C

At 10:20 PM 4/19/99 -0700, you wrote:
>Well today I had a low, and ended up in the ER.  I had been having a lot
>of fluctuations in my tests, and thought it may be a yeast infection, or
>the site.  This A.M. I had a 245bg on awaking, and so I bolussed, and
>took a shower then changed my site.  I didn't think anything of it, but
>then when I got to work, I was really busy.   I didn't get the chance to
>check my bg when I thought of it prior to leaving for a P.T. appt. and
>then the therapist gave me some new exercises to do, any way I didn't
>test when I should have and the next thing I knew it was too late for me
>todo anything for myself.   This has not happened for some time, they
>didn't even remember me at the E.R.  I cried since I felt so stupid.  I
>came around quickly, but even so, the loss of control.  I have a nice
>ripped up IV hole, that will remain blue and black for a spell to remind
>me of my stupidity, and the bill of course......I am afraid of sleeping
>tonight now, since my test has been in the low 300's and high 200's ever
>since.  I have been bolussing, but am worried about the insulin hitting
>me when I'm not ready.   I will set my alarm, my landlord will check on
>me if I'm not up by 10a.m. and that's all I can do.   this disease
>I met some really nice people today though.  I wish I could meet them
>some other way......Laurie B.
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