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[IP] Do I have Neuropathy?????

To anyone:
On and off for about two months I have been having localized feelings of
intense stinging.  This remains for a day or so then leaves.  Once in my
arm, once in my mid back and several times on my right or left thigh.  I
have now have a slightly numb right leg with the same brush burned feeling
on my upper thigh for about three days.  My endo. can't see me for about a
week and I refuse to go to by own family doctor due to his lack of
knowledge and poor bedside manners!!!

Has anyone else had this??  Is it diabetes realted???  Is it a type of

I am otherwise well controlled, no complications and have tried Tylenol and
cream in case it is some muscle thing or dry skin.

Any help would be appreciated..I am starting to get scared.



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