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[IP] re:real severe diabetics


You aren't alone my dad is the same way.  But when he thinks he is low (doesn't
check mind you just a feeling he gets) he runs for the Hershey's Bar.  I try to
tell him to check before he eats it and he might find out that he isn't low
after all.  He just keeps on eating.  I guess what they say about teaching old
dogs new tricks is true.


My dad was always like that too.
he heard about a famous UK footballer who tested his bllod sugar 5
times a day and thought this guy was paranoid and "obviously didn't
know much about his diabetes if he couldn't tell what his blood sugar
was without testing"!!!
he was lucky in having very low HbA1cs - but igven tha mount of lows
he has there must have been quite a few highs in there too.

me testing him with my meter and finding his bllod suagr was different
from what he had thought (after all, he never knew he was wrong
because he never tested), and secondly, being put on beta-blockers
which have given him total hypo unawareness and hin ending up in
hospital unconscious have now convinced him to start testing. He now
has a meter and is testing several times a day.
Not a nice wake-up call but it's worked.

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