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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #82

At 09:57 PM 4/19/1999  Jen Woodall wrote:
>> My advice would to be to inundate your doctor with pump information (have
>> your pump reps help you). If that doesn't work, find a doctor who is not
>> afraid of new technology.
>New technology?  We have to keep reminding ourselves, along with the insurance
>companies and docs and the general public, that pumps are *not* particularly

Not new to us, of course... but the way some medical professionals talk, 
you'd think that it had just been invented and was totally untried. 
Traditional MDI has been around for what, 60 or 70 years?? So, to the MDI 
traditionalists, pumping is still pretty new tech.

The medical profession is very conservative... after all, it took them 
almost a hundred years to accept the germ "theory". <vbg>


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