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[IP] yo quiero people who don't get it

Jeff-Your post about Taco Bell *really* made me laugh!  Thanks.  And I felt
compelled to share my little hypoglycemic poem of several months ago.

> dear friends & neighbors:
> a little hypoglycemic poem for you
> i am low
> & so i love you
> we will sing a little song of love
> for one another
> and so i have a new hat
> tra-la-la
> or do you prefer to call it a cloche?
> it is natural to wonder
> about nomenclature
> and about nomenclochure
> at all times
> tra-la-la
> and cats like to frolic
> which means they should
> so run along, little relatives
> who are related by blood
> and marriage
> for you are the ones i love the most dearly
> as i'm eating juice and peanuts
> and trying to be more well
> tra-la-la
Just a word of caution here:  if this poem makes any kind of sense to you, you
should immediately get yourself to a fast-acting carbohydrate!  I was well under 60
when it fell out of my brain.


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