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Re: [IP] Info on new pumps

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, John Bowen and Nancy Morgan wrote:

> How often do the pump companies come out with new pumps?  How does one find
> out about new pumps and new features to become available?  I'm really very
> happy with Jenna's Disetronic most of the time, especially when she spends a
> whole day at the beach, but I do drool with envy when I read posts about how
> easy it is to manage pizza with square waves/dual waves (which we don't
> have).  Disetronic seems to treat it as though what's next and when is top
> secret.  I figured you experienced pumpers who've been through more than one
> pump know how this works.

The best place to find out about new technology is usually the company's 
annual and quarterly reports. They frequently release information there 
first in order to get the most "bang" for the buck in the financial 
markets. For US companies, this can be found on-line at www.sec.gov click 
on the Edgar Search buttons and look up the company name. Don't know 
about Disetronic, but I imagine that the information is available in the 
same manner. Also, check the company web sites in the financial info 
sections. It is suprising what these folks will tell investors that they 
won't tell us.

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