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Re: [IP] question

email @ redacted wrote:

> Actually Elisabeth, it may be a bit more complicated, depending upon the
> insulin regime you are currenlty on.  BUT there are so many benefits that you
> quickly forget about the extra work.
> It is a whole lot easier and quicker drawing up insulin and giving a shot
> than preparing and inserting an infusion set. 

On the other hand, you have to shoot insulin with a syringe, i.e. draw
it up and shoot it several times a day, and at the RIGHT time, too.

With the pump, you only change infusion sets once in several days. So I
don't think it takes any more total time.

I truly don't find the pump to be extra work -- if ANYTHING, I find it
to be less work. I'd be testing anyway, and carb counting too. Once the
basals are set, you can bolus for meals and still not think too much
about it -- except if you exercise, you don't have to worry about a
long-acting insulin on board, and you CAN adjust your basals as needed.

Only on the pump a month, but finding it good,

Natalie ._c- disabled sig.

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