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Re: [IP] question

In a message dated 4/19/99 5:22:19 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Also, she says in makes life more 
 complicated not easier.  >>
Actually Elisabeth, it may be a bit more complicated, depending upon the 
insulin regime you are currenlty on.  BUT there are so many benefits that you 
quickly forget about the extra work.

It is a whole lot easier and quicker drawing up insulin and giving a shot 
than preparing and inserting an infusion set.  With a shot, you give it and 
you know the insulin went in and don;t have to think about it until it is 
time for your next shot.  With a pump, the insulin will most likely get to 
you, but there can be a problem with the infusion set or the pump itself.  
You have to test test test test.  At least at first and whenever you want to 
make a change or experiment.  

But, the amount of control and flexibility that it gives you is wonderful.  
It allows you tmore freedom than any regime depending upon shots.  It allows 
you to keep you bgs constant much easier than shots.  

I've been on a Minimed for over 11 years.  It was the best thing to happen in 
my diabetic life.

Keep up with the great work on your bgs and show your doc how well you are 
handling your diabetes.  Then, explain to her how much better you could do if 
you were on the pump.  Unfortunately, some times we have to prove how 
responsible we can be before anyone gives us responsibility.  (this is true 
whether you are 15 or 55).  You're off to a wonderful start.

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