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Re: [IP] basals

In a message dated 99-04-19 20:15:28 EDT, you write:

<<  She currently takes 1u for 
 every 15carbs for every meal. I  am thinking about having her do 1 unit for 
 every 10 carbs at breakfast but not sure.  I have read that most people need 
 a little more insulin in the am to cover breakfast.  
I would suggest re-testing the basal rate on the non-school days first.  She 
might not need as much basal insulin sometime between 9 and 11. Then, you 
might try 1:14, then 1:13, then 1:12 first. Wait about 3 days in between to 
evaluate the school days before going lower. An increase on the amount of 
bolus from 1:15 to 1:10 could be too much insulin. You are thinking in the 
right direction. Isn't it nice to have the flexibility?
Barbara B.
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