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Re: [IP] Re: Hearing Loss

At 03:35 PM 4/19/1999  Ted Quick wrote:
>Sam Skopp wrote:
>> I've talked to MiniMed about louder beeps for those of us that have trouble
>> hearing them. They said that they thought it was a good idea... but, we'll
>> see what happens.
>Hey Sam, why don't we take an idea common to hearing impaired folks and ask
>to make the backlit screen flash at us? I know it would be murder on the
>but at least we'd know waht was happening!

This would only work if it was relatively dark, the pump was not in a case 
and you were looking directly at it. I know that if my pump backlight 
flashed, I'd never see it.

To get the kind of brightness required, you'd need a small auxiliary 
battery pack (just a couple of AA batteries) and a camera-type flash. The 
flash could then hook externally to the case so that it would be visible. 
The pump would also require an accessory port to connect this gizmo and the 
software to trigger it.

Sounds good to me... want to design it and get the pump companies to sign 
on to the idea??


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