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[IP] question

Hi all.  I don't write on here often but I have a question.  I went 
for my check up today, and my A1c was 8.8 which is good for me.  For 
the past 6 months or so, I have been asking my doctor about the pump 
and she has been somewhat ignoring the idea, saying things such as I 
need better control, when I have brought my A1c down from 12.5 in not 
even a year!  Well today, she said I don't need one right now, but 
that they usually recomend people for the pump when they are about a 
junior in high school!!  I thought that was some what insane.  I do 
not want to wait another 2 years ( I am currently a freshman ).  What 
do you all think about that?  Also, she says in makes life more 
complicated not easier.  I don't agree.  Any thoughts on this subject 
would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

~Elisabeth Corns

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