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Re: [IP] Where to (fill in the blank)

In a message dated 99-04-19 06:58:42 EDT, you write:

<<  I use my small alcohol pad before test to clean the
 finger and after to stop the bleeding. I wait enough time for alcohol to
 vaporize before test. 
 I pay ~ $1.30 to $2.00 per box of 100 pads. For 5 blood tests a day x 365
 days / 100 pads I need about 19 boxes per year. Maximum of $38 for one year
 is minor compared to other expenses we have on diabetes medical care.
 As for scars - do not have them.
 Just my way...
 What the medical professionals have to say on that? >>

Soap and water is cheaper. Washing hands with an antibacterial soap before 
testing is sufficient, less drying for the fingers, and tends to prevent 
"toughening" of the skin.
 You might want to save the alsohol wipes for situations where you do not 
have access to soap and water.  Incidentally, most soaps will do.
Barbara B. (MS, RN, CDE)
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