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Re: [IP] Unusual Post?

At 12:22 PM 4/19/1999  Donna wrote:
>Why is it on some post I have nothing there for example this on.  The subject
>was Re: [IP] Re:  Hearing Loss
>email @ redacted wrote:

I think that these are just accidents. I've seen the same thing on other 
lists. My theory is that a person intends to reply... gets distracted and 
hits the send button too soon.

That's one reason I have my email program set up not to immediately send 
mail when I finish a message. It just queues them instead. This allows me a 
chance to review what I'm sending, before I actually send it out on the 
Internet. I've found mistakes a number of times and this has allowed me to 
fix them before they got out. (I've also missed a few too... but that's life).

All email programs may not allow this, though.


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