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Re: [IP] Little Computer

>If you
>approach things from a different and up-beat attitude, people view you better
>and act positively toward you.
>Michael O'Hara
>Galehouse Construction

Michael I totally agree.  Once when I was working at a new job, about 10 of
us decided to go out for lunch. When we ordered I took my needle and one of
my co-workers commented that I must have diabetes pretty bad because I take
a lot of shots (I was taking 5 a day at the time). She continued to say
that she knew someone who was just diagnosed with diabetes and is only on
two needles a day. Everyone at the table was listening and I took advantage
of the situation and explained that the number of shots a diabetic takes a
day has no refernce to the severity of the disease.  I told them that in
fact diabetics that choose to take an injection of insulin before each meal
have better control because it more closely mimics the insulin releases in
a non-diabetics body.  They all listened intently as I explained a little
bit more about the way insulin works in their bodies so that they could see
how diabetics can achieve tight contol. I felt really good afterward.
Everyone listened and some asked questions about relatives or friends they
knew who had diabetes.  I now work somewhere else and have always been
candid about my finger pricking or injections and everyone here knows that
I have diabetes and are all more educated because of it.

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