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[IP] Logbooks

Duck And Barb wrote:
> Yesterday afternoon I looked back at some logbooks, pre-pump, and they
> slapped me in the face.  After only a month of pumping it was so easy to
> forget how awful things were on traditional therapy.  Having sugars in
> the 'zone' was now commonplace, the highs were the exception, and easy
> to correct.  And I was complaining?  I will never throw that book
> away...never!!  It will always be a wakeup call to me.

You brought back memories!!!

I've always saved my record from the period before I went on insulin (1
year diet and exercise, 5 months on Glucotrol), because it gives me a
reality check.

I spent that whole period just getting higher and higher, gradually, in
spite of every effort, and in spite of increasing doses of orals. I was
SO miserable, and watching the numbers climb and climb was SO
frustrating, Spending most of every morning in the 300's, and never ever
going below 150, and then, only for short periods of time feels SO icky!
It was the 357 one morning that made me BEG my doc to let me go on
insulin! (He readily acquiesced -- I think he'd been hesitant because so
many people are scared of it) 

When I went on insulin, it took about 6 months to really get things
regulated, because I was started on 70/30, which didn't fit my needs at
ALL, and was like wearing a strait-jacket -- I finally got onto MDI
because of the computer lists, and that's what led me to the pump --
each improvement has been, as you say, euphoric -- and I NEVER want to
forget how awful those times were -- it's easy to forget, because I
usually feel quite human these days, and I need to be reminded of how
unlivable an uncontrolled diabetic life is!!!!

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