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[IP] Field Trip on the pump

Well, I just got back (to Reno) from a field trip with 18 teenagers to
the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco. We walked and saw stuff
and ATE lots of yummy tidbits, and there was no foreseeable schedule,
and it was GREAT!

The pump made it SOOOOO much easier, because when you're walking down
the street, and stop at a booth, and grab a green-tea ice cream, it's so
much easier to pull out your pager than to get into your purse to find
your insulin pen!!!

And when you get back to the youth hostel at 11:30, you don't have to
fret that you were SUPPOSED to take your NPH at 9:00!

And the kids DID ask what I was doing, (Sensei, is that a pager??) but
there was NO "Ew, yuck!!" reaction, like there can be to a shot. 

Tested in my lap, when sitting down to eat real meals; nobody noticed,
and other than that, just estimated conservatively -- I figured I was
doing a lot of walking, so better not to overdo the insulin -- and it
worked!!!!  I only had 1 reading above 200. And felt well the whole
time!!! :)

I also think it was a good educational experience for the kids who
noticed, who tended to be the kids who really like me and therefore hung
around with me -- I'm glad they know about my DM!


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