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Re: [IP] Social progress???

ellen wrote:
> I would have gladly stood
> in line with the addicts before my pump for a needle exchange... it all
> depends on what you are willing to do to get supplies when you have no $$
> to buy them... 3 for 1 is a good deal... *S* 

Yeah, and what would they do when you showed up with 100 syringes --
would they have to give you 300????  Then you could get in the back of
the line with the 300 and get 900???  Something is beginning to get
absurd here!  :)

Actually, I think they have to register to get into the needle exchange,
which means that the govt. then has a handle on them, and a way to track
them down when necessary. Makes it a lot harder for them to disappear
into the woodwork -- establishing a relationship with them is the first
step to getting them into rehab, anyway. 

Needle exchanges are not all bad -- the issue for DMers is really
universal access to medical care, not whether syringes are free. But
that's a soapbox I won't climb on for the moment! 
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