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[IP] Little Computer

After a few people commented on my "bad" case of diabetes when 
I got my pump, I thought I would try and turn a bad thing into a 
good one.  I now refer to my pump as a small computer that gives 
me my insulin.  I explain to them (many diabetics on shots) that I 
can now delay meals, ride a bike or exercise for hours at a time, 
and generally live a lot better with a very busy lifestyle.  I also 
made sure that I had a blue pump so that it did not look like a 
medical device that I depended on (even though I do).  If you 
approach things from a different and up-beat attitude, people view 
you better and act positively toward you.  I know that most people 
on this list are positive, proactive people (or they would not be 
here).  I have just realized that sometimes it 's just the words or 
descriptions of the same thing can cause people to react 
differently.  Just watch some of those info-mercials that convince 
you of absurd things.  Anyway I just wondered if others had positive 
ways of explaining their diabetes and pumps?  I especially like the 
people who name them.  If everyone could get out the word that 
taking care of yourself is good thing, we would all benefit.

Michael O'Hara
Galehouse Construction
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