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[IP] Re: Real severe diabetes

I've been having a running battle with my mother, who has type 2
diabetes (I have type 1 and a pump.)  She insists on buying all this
sugar -free stuff assuming she can eat as much of it as she wants.  At
Easter she tries to be kind to me and buy me sugar free candy (usually
from one of those good candy stores which don't had out nutritional
info.)  When I "thank" her and then ask about the carbs, she always
responds "It doesn't matter.  It's sugar free."  I'm ready to scream!
First, because she won't listen to some basic common sense about
carbohydrates and sugars and second because she spends all this extra
money to get something sugar free.  But what can you teach a 75 year old
woman who won't even test her own blood sugar?
Vicki McDonald

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