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[IP] re hearing loss


I dont know your name, and unfortunately I was so far behind in digests I 
probably never even saw your original post, and I did not see the insensitive 
posts regarding your situation.  Please please please don't leave the list.  
I have found, after being on the list for over a year, that certain people, 
me included, tend to make light of a serious situation, perhaps because we 
know no other way to deal with something we know nothing about.  I am sure 
you will get some serious, responsible answers, because it was an issue we 
discussed a few months ago - you might check in the archives, plus some 
people ARE way behind in digests.

I do relate to what happened, as I have done that as well...I dont always 
hear the "beep beep beep" of a suspend mode or a temp basal when I am dead 
asleep.  I DO hear the alarm, but that doesnt go off for those reasons 

Might I suggest that you program the AUTO OFF feature to alarm after, say 3 
or 4 hours?  I do this occasionally for two fold purpose:  A) it reminds me 
during the day that I need to put down my work and go to the bathroom - 
something I tend to neglect throughout the workday... and B)  help me to get 
more sensitive to the sound of the beep beep beep before it goes to alarm.  
Yes, when I do this, it wakes me up in the middle of the night...but I can 
use the time to test.  You might try this, and find that you become more 
sensitive to the first alarm - before it hits siren level.

We are all a bunch of jokers...it helps most of us get through the crap we 
face daily...be tough.  don't go - we can help!

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