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[IP] "Real Severe" the Real Thing

I've been following the thread concerning the label "real severe
diabetic" and like the rest of you, I've  had ignorant people comment
on the severity of my condition when I try to explain my treatment and
level of committment to taking care of myself.  It's just one of the
ironies of life with diabetes.  BUT....

Saturday I meet a real, severe diabetic.  I mean the REAL THING. I
attended a conference & banquet(not related to Diabetes).  I was
introduced to someone I had known only thru phone conversations.  I was
shocked by her appearance, she was obviously very ill.

At the banquet, I took my pump out and bolused.  I explained to my
dining companions what I was up to.
(Most knew that I am Diabetic, but some had not seen my pump).  The
woman I had met that day said "I've got Diabetes too, but I don't
believe in taking pills or shots." Then she said "I'm doing good now,
my blood sugar is down to 385.  It was over 400."

Of course I told her how wonderful I feel since beginning pump therapy,
but it fell on deaf ears.   I gave her my card and told her to get in
touch with me any time she needs someone to talk to about diabetes.
I have been so troubled since meeting this woman.  I know she is going
to suffer a great deal and needlessly.

I've let those comments about being severe just slide, but I'm going to
get MILITANT from now on.  No one is ever going to say that to me again
without getting a lecture.  The bottom line is:  The MORE you do to
control your Diabetes, the LESS SEVERE you are!

~Janet Marie who LOVES her pump and is thankful every day of her
wonderful pumping life  


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