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Re: [IP] Real severe" diabetics

<< I think other's opinions/assumptions about what "a diabetic can/can't eat" 
 are one of the most annoying aspects of this disease!!  >>

The folks who make judgments about any of it... really irritating.  

The last 13 months have been pretty interesting for me due to a slip on the 
ice.  An open fracture and severe dislocation of the foot caused a nice hole 
in my ankle.  No problem with the bone but the wound was a bit stubborn, 
especially when I tripped and reopened it.  IV antibiotics and complete 
bedrest and a skin graft and it was taken care of.  I was so proud when my 
plastic surgeon told me that my healing rate was what he would expect to see 
in a non-diabetic 18 year old athlete (I'm 42 w/iddm for 32 years and no 
athlete!).  Unfortunately, the ankle has developed Charcot and I'm back in a 
support boot.  Doc tells me the break triggered this but that things are 
looking good. 

One day I asked a friend at work what people were saying about me, thinking 
that they were getting upset about all my absences.  I was floored when she 
said that several have said "She should have taken better care of her 
diabetes so this wouldn't have happened". Hmmmpppff.  Should have taken 
better care of watching where I walked.

Geez.  If they would have said it directly to me I could have responded.  


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