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[IP] site and tape question

OK, here's a question about sites.

The Sofset I put in yesterday is in the upper part of my stomach, about
two inches above my hipbone and slightly to the left of the front part
of my hipbone.

The problem is this: if I stretch so that for instance I'm arching my
back or bending to the other side, it's kind of pulling on the set. It
sems to be just the tape that's pulling. I didn't notice
this before when the site was slightly closer to the centre and a bit

it's not really a problem but might be if I'm doing something like dancing.
I'm worried the tape might unstick or dislodge the set if I stretch
too much. Is that likely and/or might this be less of a problem if the
site were somehere different? I can't really imagine how it would
be. It might be the tape - I used a different kind on the first set I
had. I don't know what kind of tape it is because it doesn't have any
info on it. The tape isn't actually coming unstuck (yet).

I guess I'll just experiment but I wondered if anyone had any words of
wisdom on this one .


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