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Re: [IP] Re: Hearing Loss

re: hearing loss
I too have a hearing loss and wanted to know or get a knowledgeable answer to 
your question.  I have had similar experiences to the one you describe and it 
is upsetting and ruins the whole day.  I know that soem of the answers were 
not helpful and were intended to be funny, but I am sure the people did not 
realize the seriousness of the problem perhaps if one of us explained the 
difficulty and it consequenses when asking the questions we could haave 
gotten answers that would at least help us to avoid the problem.  I test 
2hrs. after changing my site or tubing in this way I become aaware of not 
turning to operation mode and also if the site is working before any real 
damage occurs.  Stay on the list the advantanges of the information gained 
for outweigh the occasional misunderstandings  perhaps we could all use a 
little education on other problems than diabetes. 
keep on pumpin, Don; I try hard but my typoing doienot seem to improve excuse 
the errors. 
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